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CRW_4294“We know we have something incredibly rare and precious on this mountain…this land is just too beautiful and special to keep to ourselves.”



Along the edge of the Callahan Mountain ridge just outside Roseburg, Oregon, Celebration Ranch rolls out 200 acres of rounded hills and deep woods, gracefully anointed with two sparkling lakes.

While the upper lake, the older of the two, is perfectly situated for rowing and fishing, the lower lake has been renovated and outfitted to lend towards swimming activities.

30080217-filteredForest trails beckon to be explored and hiked. Features like the “beaver pond” where evidence of past generations of beaver exist, as well as bear, wild turkey, any other local fauna make exploring into a natural treasure hunt.

Celebration Ranch forests are wonderfully conducive to environmental education.

The native forest has both conifers and deciduous trees, ranging from seedlings to trees nearly 100 years old.

The evidence of logging, tree diseases and forest succession, offer great educational opportunities. Wildlife and plant species are diverse and abundant.

‘What They Do Not Value, They Will Not Protect, and What They Do Not Protect, They Will Lose.’ -Charles Jordan, COB, The Conservation Fund.